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Study: Electric Cars are Far Better Than Gas-Powered Vehicles

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Study: Electric Cars are Far Better Than Gas-Powered Vehicles

A new eye-opening study has released stating the fact the electric cars are the best friends of the Mother Nature. According to the study, electric cars are better for the environment than gas-powered ones as they produce less greenhouse gas emissions.

The study has been conducted by the Union of Concerned Scientists. The researchers considered a number of factors involved in auto manufacturing and operations to come to a conclusion that electric vehicles are outperforming fossil-fuel ones in the U.S.

The study also includes data from organizations like the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Argonne National Laboratory.

“Although a battery electric vehicle has no tailpipe emissions, the total global warming emissions from operating it are not significant; they depend on the sources of the electricity that charge the vehicle’s batteries and on the efficiency of the vehicle,” said Rachael Nealer, a UCS scientist and author of the study.

“It is really impressive how much cleaner electric cars have become in just the last three years,” Nealer said.

The study also states that electric cars should held responsible for producing less than half the global warming emissions in the U.S.

This study tries to draw our attention towards the importance of electric car in determining a greener tomorrow. Researchers believe that the evolution of electrical vehicle technology will allow us to make the planet a better place to live for our upcoming generations.